I would have taken my clothes off with them…. CIRCA

This post should have been uploaded as soon I finished the gig. Drats to me who can’t seem to get into this blogging thing.

Saturday 17 December 10pm, Chameleon Theatre, Berlin

CIRCA : ‘Wunderkammer’

A show of the exotic, erotic, sensual and dramatic. It displayed acts of cabaret, comedy, burlesque, S + M, trapeze, acrobatics, circus and dance.

First Saturday night in Berlin I refused to let go an opportunity of cabaret/kabarett/theatre/performance.

I grabbed my copy of Zitty and highlighted what i wanted to see over the weekend. Circa’s Wunderkammer was one of these shows. A friend had previously emailed me with a link to Chameleon Theatre, recommending that I put this on the hit list.

Now, up until that night I did not feel very Australian proud. At the hostel I was staying at, I had to constantly explain to people that there were different types of Australians. There were a group of boys, that, let’s just say were playing up to that Australian Larrikan, drinking, loud, and getting a bit of a reputation. CIRCA however made me feel very patriotic.

In a room full of Germans I sat. The Australians came on stage and performed with brilliance and exceptional prowess, talent and attitude. They had the Germans creaming and screaming. There were shrieks of ‘NEIN’ when the trapeze artists performed tasks that one would think was impossible. The girls were sexy, and the men were fit. I was battling between feeling envious, feeling turned on, feeling proud, feeling inadequate, and feeling inspired.

Dressing and Undressing was a concept that played throughout the show. A concept that may be considered a little overdone and recycled. The interpretations are performed through fresh creative energies, thus making a considerable difference to how you receive it the second time.

I would have loved to jump the crowd, and take off my clothes with the fellow Australians at the end of show.  It made me buzz in Berlin!

I turned back to my work, and found it hard to stop my ideas wanting to borrow images and nuances from their show. Such as the microphone, trapped and entagled around the body. One of the songs that played, Camille’s ‘Cats and Dogs’, was in fact a song I heard last year on the plane to Belgrade. I noted it down in my ‘artist’s’ notebook as a song perfect for cabaret, for burlesque – pretty much anything of this nature. The song was used in the show in a trapeze number; a tango between a man and a woman; escaping; retreating; returning; killing; pleading….

Extremely dramatic this is in action, but the song is not so much. For me, the relation between song and performance of song is the other way around. The words are dramatic, therefore my action has to be very minimal. I’d like to include the sass CIRCA had, but that may be wanting too much.

Where ever CIRCA may be, CIRCA can not be missed! A young and sexy troupe that can bring you every pleasure. That’s the beauty of live performance – theatre or cabaret!