CDG we were not meant to be!

Something must be said for missing your scheduled flight. I have only missed one other flight, and that just happened to be a screw up reading 24 hour time. That was seven years ago. This one, I’d like to excuse my tardiness on a few things. The first, the familiar – it just was not meant to be. The second, never take advice as gospel – the RER will be a rapid direct ride to airport, convenient and practical. It will take you almost all of 8 minutes to get there. (it took us more than 45 minutes). The third, always translate and never assume – metro tickets do not include RER to airport. You need to purchase a further ticket at 9 euros AND you MUST make sure you have coinage. Machines say they take carte, but of course in times of hurry they tend to bleep at you with extreme exclamation. All in all, the transition to the airport that should have taken under an hour took us over two hours. Highly underestimated our travel, but at least we purchased the macaroons.

 Let it be also said, that this incident may have been the perfect addition to the creative enlightenment I am seeking on this trip; with decent bath time (in a hotel) accompanied by my show’s settling itunes program playlist of Brel, Barbara and Brassens and a new understanding of repertoire thanks to the six recent translations provided by Sebastien, founder of Granada Beach – I was able to enjoy my project coming together. It was known then and there, that the aims of this trip have almost been conquered.

In Paris, I visited and interacted with two cabaret venues (Au Lapin Agile et Le Limonaire (a must for anyone that straddles Paris)), a theatre organisation, a group of passionate artists, a translator, the history of my chosen composers, a burlesque cabaret performer/mentor/director…

In five days I return, to finish what I started in Paris. Then a potential segue way. Stay tuned!