All I wanted was a little Brel


All I wanted was a little Brel. I had not scheduled exactly what I just HAD to see when in Brussels because for the most part I just thought it was enough to be in the town that effected two of my artists. On the first walk of Brussels, I discovered éditions Jacques Brel, a once upon a time archive nnow a foundation and archive collection. I decided that Sunday was the day I will feed on the glorious discovery but unfortunately, upon my return I found a little note on the glass door saying that the exposition will not be open on the day it should be open and will reopen on Tuesday – the day I set off for Amsterdam. So, my Brussels wish gained nothing more that what it originally was. I absorbed the city and read my Barbara’s memoir (in french), teasing out the familiar names and areas that play a part in the stories of Barbara and Brel. Image